Strokes – 84

In all over the world, many of the people life has been affected due to problems of knee & bones.  Even after taking more medicines, it gives a temporary relief but not a permanent solution.  But in J.M. Hospital, all the joint pains and bone diseases gets cured.  Dr M. Hajippaa has here under explained the reasons for the same

According to the law of Siddha, the main reasons for the diseases of bones are the argument water and gas.  Under this, Siddhas have categorized 84 different kinds of bone diseases. This is what we call stroke 84 and siddhas have found this before 5000 years.

They have briefed the 84 diseases and the reasons for the same.  Our J.M. Hospital follow the same way what the Siddhas told and treat the diseases like knee pain, bone related diseases especially knee swelling, knee tear. Back pain, neck problem, stroke etc. without any operation and steroids but by the latest Rheumatic  machine.  And also herbal bath, sand bath, steam bath, oil bath are given with the herb which doesn’t have any side effects.  The knee pain of ages will be cures within 7 days.