Are the spells and black magic are true? What are the effects of these? What is the remedy for this? Dr M.Haajippa from J.M Hospital explain it briefly here:

Man is of 5 elements, water, fire, soil, air and sky. He has different state of mind. Mind is a monkey. Man’s mind is a monkey. It will never stay in one state but changes according to the tune of nature. The thought of growing his personal life is lesser than the thought of stopping others growth. Hence, when other go up in life, he gets jealous and try to defeat them.

For that he uses spells and black magic to defeat others. With all these things he makes a healthy man to a diseased person; He will change a profitable business to a great loss; Destroys a happy family. Like this he destroys the person whom he doesn’t like. Likewise, many families have destroyed. To get rid of all these spells, black magic, satan etc., the saints have given us the divine methods of treatments. According to this in J.M. Hospital, we treat for all these and pray for living a happy and prosperous life.

Irremediable Disease: J.M Hospital’s Medicine and Divinity

A man is diagnosed with an incurable disease. Despite consulting multiple doctors and going through various treatments, there was no cure. Consuming plenty of medicines gave him only temporary relief and was being affected by diseases recurrently.

For some, though all kinds of medical tests prove absence of disease, they continue suffering from some untreatable disease. If doctors claim that he doesn’t have any disease, shouldn’t his health be normal? Why is he affected by illness? It becomes quite sure that the illness is because of some evil spirits like spindle, Black magic and witchcraft. It is so because, the ailments caused by these evil spirits cannot be cured by any treatment or medicines given by the doctors, and these act like “Oil in Water”, because the physician’s treatments do not have any connection with these ailments. Sometimes, like how oil adds to the burning flames, the medicines that should have cured their diseases could counter-act and make the diseases worse.

These types of illness cannot be cured even by consuming plenty of medicines without performing atonements for removing spindles. For instance, if one doesn’t remove the thorn that pricked his leg, the medicines that he applies would be of no use to heal the wound. Similarly, for diseases caused by spindles, witchcrafts and Blackmagic, the cure is impossible without performing atonements and could also result in death. That is why J.M. hospitals offer treatments for chronic diseases along with atonements for spindles, black magics and witchcrafts, healing diseases using divine medical treatments.

Diseases, Is it Paralysis, Skin diseases, Cancer, AIDS? Are they diseases not diagnosable by doctors, diseases abandoned by the doctors? Don’t worry. God will not abandon you even if doctors abandoned you. Because, If doctors are medicine givers, Is not God, the Healer?

Struggle in Life?

For all the struggles in life, obstacles in family, quarrels between husband and wife, mess in life because of illegal relationships, divorces etc., have the impact of our enemie’s spells, black magic etc.,

If they do a spell between a husband and wife who are living happily, they will fight for some reason, their opinions will differ, suspect each other and they both go in different direction making the family in dark.

Others go into illegal relationships because of the spells, never look after their children and lose all their mind and wealth and come on road. Our family gets scattered because of the spells done by our enemies.

To get rid of these spells and black magic, to join the separated families, to solve our enemie’s problems, to live a happy life, the saints of J.M Hospital have shown a divine treatment with prayers and by giving the plate. So you or your beloveds have these problems don’t panic.

Come to J.M. Hospital.  We pray for you to get relieved of all your problems and live happily.

“Stretch your hands towards God; He will never say no. Come to J.M.Hospital and 

get the remedy for sure. Come to J.M. Hospital, See the victory for sure.”