Why am i Impotent?

Impotent means, many of us think defect in a man’s penis or that is a disease. There are 5 reasons for impotency. The strength of Masculinity is the strength of soul. This is the gift god has given to man. Sex, which was considered the most pleasant thing among all living beings in this world was considered as Posterous by or forefathers. But nowadays the youngers cannot even enjoy that pleasure. The reason is, lack of knowledge about that, wrong relationships, living against the natural way. They lose their masculinity and suffer a lot.

Impotent Men’s Nature

  • Many live by thinking of their impotency and suffers
  • Many cannot fulfill their spouse’s desire and insulted
  • Many have made their happy family as hell
  • Many, without knowing the reason for their impotent, take different medicines and were deceived

If a man has all wealth and he is impotent, he is a paper flower. The paper flower will be beautiful but doesn’t have any fragrance or respect. In the same way, if a man is beautiful and doesn’t have masculinity, even his wife will not respect him. Because,

”Women likes the flowers with fragrance; not the paper flowers
Are you want to be a flower with fragrance? Or a paper flower without any use? Think about it”

At the age of living a happy life, many youngers suffer by losing their masculinity. J.M. Hospital, Palladam paves way for them to regain their masculinity and to live happily

The reasons for impotency and the remedies

Masculinity is the combination of the feelings of body and soul. In this, the 5 main parts like Brain, Heart, Liver, Scrotum, Nervous system are very important. If one of these parts is affected there will be lack of masculinity.

Theories of Impotence

The thought of pleasure springs in heart and it is sent to the brain.

  1. Brain: The brain orders the wish of the pleasure to the other parts
  2. Heart: According to the brain, the heart works fast, pumps more blood and send it to the Masculine part.
  3. Liver: In the same way, the bile gas which is created in liver is being sent the Masculine part. The blood sent by the heart and the bile gas sent by the liver combine together and enter into the Masculine part, it raises with hydraulic pressure.
  4. Scrotum: When the sperm, which is created in scrotum reaches the Masculine part, a thrilling feeling comes and the body gets ready for sex.
  5. Nervous System: Nervous system is the main for Masculinity. It takes the commands from the brain through electromagnetic waves and send it to the other parts of the body and takes the blood, bile gas & sperms sent by the heart, liver and scrotum to the Masculine part and gives a thrilling feeling to the body and makes it ready for sex. Likewise, only when these main 5 organs joined together, a man gets the full Masculinity. If any of these parts are affected, the lack of masculinity takes place.

Symptoms of Impotence


If the brain is affected and led to impotent, they never have the pleasure of sex. They will always be lazy and the Masculine part never raises and becomes small.


If the heart is affected and led to impotent, the Masculine part will always be small. Full raise will not be there. They will get breathing trouble during inter course. It oozes out quickly and they will feel very tired and weak.


If the liver is affected and led to impotent, the Masculine part will be weak and will not raise. Sometimes in spite of having energy, feelings will reduce on drive and the part becomes small. As soon as they start having sex, very soon it oozes out and they will become tired and weak.


If the scrotum is affected and led to impotent, the sperm count will be less and watery. There will not be pleasure or happiness while having sex. The Masculine part will become small. There will not be a peak. For persons having like this will not have any children.

Nervous System:

If the nervous system is affected and led to impotent, the Masculine part will be thin. The bottom becomes small and the tip becomes large and it will be bent. The Masculine part will be very small and will not be tightened. The moment they start having sex, without any pleasure, it will ooze out soon. Likewise the impotency was caused by these 5 reasons.

It should be analyzed for what reason the impotency has come and if proper medicine is taken, they will get the energy. Without knowing the reason and by seeing the advertisements and taking different medicines may cause of losing Masculinity and the life may go to dark.

When someone with this problem comes to J.M. Hospital, they are examined thoroughly and analyzed properly and then the apt treatment is given.
We are showing way to enjoy the family life for those who are suffering with the lack of Masculinity. Come, even the old can become young.

“Life is for living; Let us live – Come to J.M. Hospital”