Why Fear

Why Feared, What Fears

Answer is Not Known! Not Known! Unrecognized fear, Puzzling fear, Undue fear. Every person is affected by these kinds of fears.

Fear to face the employer, fear to face the higher official, fearing enemies, fear for debts, fearing work, fear for water, fear for fire, fear for disease, fear for ghost – By living with these fears, our life will become frantic with terror.


Healing from fear through God or Science

Our first enemy is Fear. This fear will seize our life. Whichever way we try to succeed, this fear will hinder our success. What is the reason for this fear? What is the remedy for this? What is the medicine for this? In this modern scientific world if we try to explore the reason, remedy, medicine for this fear, there is no available answer or remedy

The saints beyond science say that the remedy for these puzzling fears is the grace of God and that the heavenly medicine will cure these fears.For instance, children get frightened either by falling off suddenly or by hearing a loud noise or seeing some strange figure in the dark.Due to this, they might be affected by fever or stomach upset or some other disease and may continue crying loudly. Unless they get rid of the fear, the illness cannot be treated by giving any medicine. To be ridden of this fear, the names of God will be written on a plate and is worn. This will cure the illness caused by the fear.A man named Krishnamoorthy was working as a Manager in a big company. He travels abroad for his work. Suddenly he felt a kind of fear and fell sick. Medicines were given for more than 6 months but was of no use and so he stayed at home. A man who traveled alone abroad was on fear now. He fears everyone; He fears everything. He even fears to go to the toilet alone. He was treated by our divinely treatment and completely got rid of the monster “Fear” and living happy and healthily. Similar to him, many are in the hands of “fear” monster.

The saints explain the reason for this fear. As God created man in this world with sand, He also created the ghosts like Gene and Satan by fire. This Gene and Satan will roam around in the shape of Dogs, Cats or Donkeys in black color or in other shapes. If a man encounters them when they are roaming around, and if they see that man, he gets fear, shivering and becomes a diseased person or a mental disorder person or is affected by chronic diseases.

Whatever counseling you give or whatever confidence you give, whatever medicines you give, they will never get rid of this fear. Unless the fear goes off, they will not become normal. Day by day they will become abnormal. They will get fear because of Hallucination, i.e., imagining a thing which is not present. They will fear that someone has mesmerized them or doing spindle or spell against them.

The fear which cannot be cured by medicine, can be cured by divinely treatment and the ways for that are given to us by the saints. According to that, in JM Hospital, by the ways of the saints, we are solving the mental ailment for children and adults; cure the chronic diseases; give the plate with God’s names.

Even though the medicine is given by the doctor, the healing comes from God!

Stretch your hands before God! He will never say no!!

Come to J.M. Hospital, See the success for sure.