Causes for Sinus

The head is important part of our whole body.  Slethma neer (Siddha word) is the main reason for all the problems of head.

Alergy, continuous sneezing, Asthma, Sinus, Headache may be different unique diseases. But all relate to one another. Diseases caused in Head, Ear, Eye, Nose, Throat and Lungs are all because of over coldness. If the body get over cold and the water in the skull comes to the head, we get headache, cold, sneezing, nose block, sinus, throat problems, cough, asthma, breathing trouble, migraine headache etc., All diseases in head are caused by the skull water. Let us see in brief here under.


Taking bath in cold water, going out in cold weather and eating cold things the water in the skull comes down to the head and stay and cause headache, neck ache etc., These aches will stop by taking medicines or injections. But that is a temporary remedy. But again, and again the head ache will come. Because without removing the water in the head, whatever medicines we take, the head ache will not be cured. Without knowing the reason for the headache, taking pain killers will cause ulcer, mouth ulcer etc. but the head ache will not stop. That is why in J.M.Hospital, using siddha treatment, the water in the head is removed by Sero vasthi, Thaara treatment, oil bath, steam bath and the other herbal treatments without any side effects. A long term head ache will be cured by a 7day’s treatment.

Sinus @ Phenomenon Disease

Nowadays everywhere many people are affected by cold, sneezing, nose block, breathing troubles etc., In common we say that it is because of allergy and dust allergy. The long term cold, breathing troubles are simply called in one word, Allergy and people take a life time allergy tablets. Every day they live with cough, sneeze, running nose and do their daily work with great difficulty. Is there not a permanent remedy for this? Yes, says Dr. Haajippaa.

In the modern days, ‘sinus’ is addressed as sinusitis by siddhas. Sinus is of 21 varieties. All the 21 varieties have different signs. Mostly our country has water sinus. The signs of water sinus are too much of cold, continuous sneezing, headache, running nose. Some people will pass urine because of over sneezing. If it persists like this, very soon it will lead to asthma. To get cured of this disease in J.M. Hospital, we give treatment by using royal herbs, Nazism, Thaara, etc.,

Without operation and without any side effects, come and see the healing with herbal medicines.