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The Medicine and the Greatness of J.M. Hospital

In 1927 J.M.Hospital was established by Dr. M. Noor Muhammed Sahib in Palladam, Tiruppur District. This hospital was functioning over 90 years, for three generations under Dr. M.N. Muhammed Yusuf and Dr. M. Haajippa.

J.M.Hospital is specialized in treatments like Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, English Medicine and Heavenly treatment. Because of giving all the treatments under one roof, a brief discussion is carried over depending upon the nature of ailments and being proper treatments are given, even the chronic diseases gets healed. This is the specialty of J.M.Hospital. Because of the natural herbal farm which is formed in 50 acres of landscape and the medicines are made naturally by them, the long term chronic disease are also healed quickly.

Diseases like Ulcer, Asthma, Cancer, Sinus, Severe Cold, Sneezing, Severe Headache, Knee pain, joint wear, Paralysis, Psoriasis, Long term skin disease, Piles, Impotence, Infertility, Childless problems, Uterus problems, Stomach problems and all chronic diseases are being treated

Divine Treatment for Chronic Diseases

The other specialty of J.M.Hospital is the Divine Treatment. The doctors can give medicine but the healing comes from God. So “Stretch your hands towards God; He will never say no” – as per the sayings of the great men, special prayers are offered to God and deities are given along with a divine treatment.

The diseases which a man gets may be of flesh or of heart, or of jealousy, spells, demon spirits, Satan works etc., will go off if they are treated divinely. 3000 diseases are caused in a human body. In that only 1000 diseases have medicines. The other 2000 diseases have to be treated only with prayer and divinity. Because only prayer can change a man’s future. A man on his death bed can be treated divinely. That is why in J.M.Hospital, a divine treatment is given to cure Chronic diseases. Even though the medicine is given by the doctors, healing comes from God!

Stretch your hands towards God; He will never say no. Come to J.M.Hospital and get the remedy for sure.

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